Profitability Consulting Services

We Analyze Your Business And Recommend Actions to Improve And Grow Your Profits

The Energy CFO Consulting Improve and Grow Your Profits Profitability Profit Margins with
  • Save Time and Money
  • Get a Customized Action Plan
  • Transform Your Business
  • Build Leader Confidence

Improve and Grow Your Profits

The Math is Easy. Getting The Financial Value Drivers Right Is The Tricky Part.

Revenue Side

Pricing Products and Services
Customer Stats and Analysis
Bidding Projects
Profit Centers
Business Process & Reporting

Expense Side

Purchasing & Contracted Services
Asset & Inventory Management
People & Organization Planning
Cost Accounting
Business Processes & Reporting


Digital Technology
Process Modernization
ERP Integrations
Business Process & Reporting

The Stakes Have Never Been Higher

The Stakes Have Never Been Higher For Energy Companies The Energy CFO Why You Need Us.jpg

Are your companies, projects, products, services, or business divisions unprofitable?
Have you run out of ideas to improve your profitability?
Is your banker questioning the long term viability of your company? 
Low profit margins are an early warning signal of distress.
Take Action Today to Protect Your Company!

We Help You Build Your Profit Play Book

Building Strong Financial Offense To Defend Your Hard-Earned Profits

Sales & Revenue

  • Identify new markets, customers, products, and services

  • Validating sales margin

  • Review customer and project profitability

  • Pricing - bids, products, and services

  • Sales mix

  • Sales forecasting and scenario analysis

  • Mitigate risks embedded in contracts

  • Aligning commercial and financial contract provisions

Managing Costs

  • Reducing Cost of Goods Sold or Cost of Sales

  • MSAs and Service Contractors

  • Accurate Project Accounting and/or Cost accounting

  • Calculating and making sense of manufacturing variances

  • Overhead Cost Reduction, aka Selling, General, & Administrative Costs

  • Integrating ERP modules (eliminate duplicative manual processes)


Supply Chain and Inventory

  • Procurement

  • Diversify geographic supplier base

  • Warehousing and dispatch best practices

  • Perpetual inventory management 

  • Accounting for and managing chemical mixes

  • Manufacturing activity-based accounting


Improving Productivity 

  • Track performance indicators like uptime, planned/unplanned downtime, safety, etc.

  • Business process improvement - simplify, streamline, and optimize

  • Outsource work

  • Upgrading digital technologies

  • Embrace Cloud and Digital Technologies to streamline work and automate high volume low value activities​

Profit Playbook Profit Consulting

Client Success Stories

Extraordinary Results in Challenging Business Cycles

The Energy CFO Client Success Stories Midstream Energy Services and Chemicals Executives O

Increased Cash Reserves +800% Over 12 Month Period (Dec 2019 vs. Nov 2020)

"Thank you for helping make us a better company...The Energy CFO has just done a GREAT job." 

Secured +60% Line of Credit Increase in 2020. 

"The Energy CFO gets more done in a week than we can get done in a couple of months." 


Family-Owned Pipeline Construction Company

Annual Revenue > $200MM

We Focus On The Profit Drivers That Matter

You Get "The Big Picture" And Actionable Insights for Decision Making

  • We help you understand and see how the details of your business impact the Big Profit

  • Get information distilled into simple key metrics. Last month you put $0.XX cents in operating profit in your pocket book, and this month you put $0.XX.

  • Our Financial Planning & Analysis Services can help you track profit drivers by business unit, region, project, products or service lines. 

  • With our Cash Forecasting Services, we can also look at your cash conversion cycle and debt as these impact your working capital and finance costs.

The Energy CFO Helping Focus on the KPIs Business Value Drivers that Matter and Giving Act

Hire Us To Help Get Your Profit Back In The Black

We Want You and Your Company To Thrive

The world of business is not an easy one. There are plenty of opportunities to make mistakes and errors that can cost a company a lot of money. You know this firsthand, and it's something you want to prevent. We get it. That's why we offer profitability consulting as part of our services offerings. Most of our clients have navigated recessions and in some cases multiple downturns. In our opinion, most of the private companies in our industry have seized all the "low hanging fruit" in their cost structure. What they are looking for is fresh new ideas. What we offer are more customized, creative, and advanced recommendations.

We have experience helping clients with these issues and more. We utilize our broad industry, financial, and operational knowledge and experience. Couple with institutional and tacit knowledge gained from working with both global, domestic, public and private companies.

What we do is help you see the big picture and understand how the administrative and operational pieces of your business impact your profitability, cash flow, and/or hold back growth. But we don't stop with just recommendations. We work with you to develop an action plan with practical solutions. We help implement those recommendations and establish tracking to monitor and help you navigate and achieve your goals. 

Our Return on Investment to Our Clients

Save Time
Save Money
Save Money and Time

Outsource your Profit Advisory and Consulting work to us and optimize your time. Our Profitability Services are designed to save you time and find ways to improve and grow your operating profit. You will get more done so your company can make more money.

Under Your Profit Margin
Understand Your Profit Margin

We analyze your financial performance and meet with you monthly to provide you with our report, CFO insights, and recommendations. We will explain finance and accounting concepts you have questions about.

Informed Decision Making
Make Informed Bus. Decisions

Get timely and relevant business intelligence, scenario analysis, and financial advice to help you make informed decisions. We help identify and narrow down alternatives 

based on your objectives.

Build Leadership's Confidence
Build Leader

We help maximize the Return on Investment on your money and sweat equity invested in your business. Our services not only help you increase your financial acumen, but also build confidence in your business leadership.

Transform Your Company
Your Business

We help you strategize, plan for growth, devise action plans, create budgets

and financial projections, forecast sales and cash flow, secure funding, reduce costs, improve profits, measure and monitor bus. performance.

Who We Are

Paula Waggoner-Aguilar CEO and Managing CFO The Energy CFO Fractional CFO Services re.jpg
Paula Waggoner-Aguilar, CPA
CEO & Managing CFO

Our CFO Firm

  • The Energy CFO is a 9-year old CFO Advisory and Consulting Firm headquartered in San Antonio, Texas.  

  • We are a small giant in our field and we specialize in helping entrepreneurial  organizations.

  • Most of our clients stay with us for a number of years. 

  • We are owned and run by an award-winning CFO/CPA and former Global Fortune 500 executive. 

Our CFO Team

  • Combined energy finance work experience of 100+ years.

  • Strong business, strategic, operational, and financial acumen.

  • Worked for Fortune 500 and private companies across the energy value chain and around the globe.

CFO, Business, and Energy Awards


  • NAWBO's prestigious "2019 Woman Business Owner of the Year".

  • Business Journal's "Who's Who In Energy" for 3 consecutive years.

  • Business Journal's 2014 "Best CFO for Private Companies".

Its Easy To Get Started

1. Contact us to schedule an initial consultation.

  • Complete our prospective client form or

  • Leave us a voice mail or

  • Email us directly

2. We have a Zoom listening session.


  • Learn more about your company

  • Understand your objectives: business, financial, and personal

  • Assess whether our service is a good fit for your business 

​3. We will provide you with a service proposal and price quote. 


4. Sign our service agreement and we are ready to begin.