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We are fortunate to have worked for a lot of great people, amazing companies, savvy investors, and highly talented energy and business professionals over the years.  Here is what they have to say about their experience working with us, our dedication and work quality, and our impact on their organizations.  We value their testimonials and our firm relies heavily on their referrals as a source of new client business. 


If you are interested in exploring how we can help you, call us now to schedule a free consultation.

Oil & Gas | Services | Renewable | Chemical

"Our bankers were very impressed with The Energy CFO's MFOR Report™ (ECFO's Monthly Financial and Operational Report).  Our meeting went great!  You set the standard very high.  We got a 60% increase in our Line of Credit.  Wow, thank you!"  Co-Owner of one of the largest private Pipeline Services companies in the US.

“I LOVE your CFO Services, how you guys do it, and your resources!  I am happy to put this LinkedIn after we are done (I don’t want anyone stealing you guys in the meantime).”  Chairman of the World’s Largest Methanol Energy Startup


"The Energy CFO really makes our board look good.  Thank you!"   Chairman, Outside Board of Directors and COO of an Investor-Owned Utility.

"We hired Paula mostly because of her CAN DO positive attitude!  She designed a working capital plan for the company, implemented a field procurement system, created a new inventory master list with standardized measurements, and developed chemical mix formulas for tracking inventory and cost accounting.  Paula has been a godsend to our family!”  Owner of 30+ Year Multi-Generation Family Owned Oilfield Services Firm


"The Energy CFO's solution has saved us a fortune and helped us scale quickly.  I don't understand why more petrochemical and energy infrastructure projects aren't using this service!"  Veteran International Energy Developer and Energy Banker


“Paula is an A++ professional to have at your side. Having an experienced corporate and entrepreneurial CFO on the Advisory Board has been instrumental as the company has experienced triple-digit growth in a short period of time. Paula's knowledge of finance and operations helped me navigate the company through key decisions in our early stages of growth.”  Founder & CEO, Pink Petro™ Energy Technology Startup


“We are now walking into to private equity pitches asking for $50+ Million with a lot more confidence.  We know that our financials have been vetted and we have a CFO by our side that can answer tough questions.  Paula helped us organize and decide what information we needed in our executive summary for these meetings.  Likewise, we can assure investors that we have a CFO Service Firm under contract who is fully capable of ramping us up post-funding." Co-founder of a Permian Delaware Basin Oil & Gas Exploration and Production company. 


"The Energy CFO has given our Renewable Energy, Partnership, and Innovation non-profit access to experienced entrepreneurial CFOs, helping us strengthen and streamline our internal controls while we continue to expand our capabilities and further our mission."  Chief Executive Officer, EPIcenter.

"Paula was instrumental in a company-wide assessment and successful reorganization of finance and accounting processes.  I recommend Paula in the areas of finance and accounting without reservation.”  Largest Private Vertically Integrated Oil and Gas Producer in the United States.

"If you read Paula's bio you will immediately see she has great skills and credentials, but that alone isn't what makes her a great adviser.  It is her passion for entrepreneurs, her ability to think beyond tomorrow, her empathy, years in business and practical approach that make her an outstanding adviser."  CEO, Domestic E&P Operator

Technology MFG & Sciences

Technology | Manufacturing |Sciences

"I drew a conceptual picture of a marketing dashboard and analytics I wanted for myself and my managers on a blank sheet of paper.  Paula and Roland delivered exactly what I asked for in the first draft along with new marketing insights we were not aware of. " Director of Global Marketing for a Publicly Traded Global Medical Device Technology Company

"Working with The Energy CFO has been by far the best business planning and financial modeling experience I have been involved with throughout my 30+ year career.  I highly recommend Paula as a CFO and her firm's fractional CFO solutions for startups." CEO/Chairman San Antonio Regenerative Medicine Startup

“Paula conducted a financial analysis of our company and implemented a host of best practices which I found to be valuable.  She demonstrated a high degree of expertise and her meetings were clear and immediately actionable.  She was sensitive to personalities and positions. In addition, her style was open and inviting to questions (and expressed appreciation for them).  Paula is extremely enthusiastic about her work which is infectious. I certainly would recommend her for any growing organization.”  COO, Former Technology Client


CPAS & Other Professional Advisors

"The ability to be so innovative is a great talent, and The Energy CFO will continue to rise and be even more successful than they are now."  President, Crandall and Associates 


"Paula is a visionary that is always thinking ahead. She really listens to what will make a person/company successful and delivers. With her clients, she is not "cookie cutter" with her approach or solutions. She is very passionate about all businesses growing, but in particular, she has a passion for entrepreneurs.  These qualities, her experience/years in business and practical approach make her an outstanding strategic adviser and chief financial officer.” CEO, Energy and Chemical Talent Acquisition Firm 

"The Energy CFO was working with a start-up to find an affordable Health Benefits Solution. When the more traditional resources failed to provide a solution, they persisted and tracked down a well-priced modern tech-enabled service solution for their client."  Managing Partner, Biz Hippo Soup to Nuts Accounting Services 

"Paula has a wide range of CFO experience.  I personally have had the pleasure of seeing her work and the insights she brings to energy and industrial clients.  She is a rock star and I look forward to working with her more in the future."  Managing Partner Energy Accounting CPA Firm

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