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Energy | Oil and Gas | Power | Renewables

We custom-tailor cfo energy solutions to fit our client's unique needs in a very complex industry. Every one of our clients has a unique business (even within the industry sectors they operate), and no two are alike.  If you want to find out more about our CFO Services, check out our home page.


Our clients are generally referred to us by other clients, former employers, energy and chemical professionals who have worked with us, CPAs and financial professionals who have worked with us, investment fund professionals (who research and vet us for their clients), or they find us because they want and require a customized industry-specific Outsourced CFO Solution. We are a boutique oil and gas consulting firm in our field of CFO Services and Energy Finance and we specialize in helping private entrepreneurial organizations.

Our consultants and SMEs have experience working for companies involved in activities across the value chain: hydrocarbons (Oil and Gas, LNG), chemicals (Ammonia, Methanol, etc.), power generation and gas utilities, renewables, and related service verticals (Oilfield, Pipeline, Engineering, Construction, Energy Software, etc.) and equipment manufacturing. We have both domestic and international experience working for Fortune 500 companies, joint ventures, private middle-market companies, small businesses, and challenging integrated startups (project finance, raising private equity, etc). 

Our owners are both working CFO partners.  Our finance team helps a limited number of companies/projects each year. 

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