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We custom-tailor cfo energy solutions to fit our client's unique needs in a very complex industry. Every one of our clients has a unique business (even within the industry sectors they operate), and no two are alike.  If you want to find out more about our CFO Services, check out our home page.


Our clients are generally referred to us by other clients, former employers, energy and chemical professionals who have worked with us, CPAs and financial professionals who have worked with us, investment fund professionals (who research and vet us for their clients), or they find us because they want and require a customized industry-specific Outsourced CFO Solution. We are a boutique oil and gas consulting firm in our field of CFO Services and Energy Finance and we specialize in helping private entrepreneurial organizations.

Our consultants and SMEs have experience working for companies involved in activities across the value chain: hydrocarbons (Oil and Gas, LNG), chemicals (Ammonia, Methanol, etc.), power generation and gas utilities, renewables, and related service verticals (Oilfield, Pipeline, Engineering, Construction, Energy Software, etc.) and equipment manufacturing. We have both domestic and international experience working for Fortune 500 companies, joint ventures, private middle-market companies, small businesses, and challenging integrated startups (project finance, raising private equity, etc). 

Our owners are both working CFO partners.  Our finance team helps a limited number of companies/projects each year. 

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We Specialize In Energy And Oil & Gas 

The Energy CFO is a 11-year old CFO Services and Business Consulting company headquartered in San Antonio, Texas. ​We are a small giant in our financial consulting field and we specialize in helping organizations involved in all aspects of the energy industry (energy project developers, operators, products and service providers, construction, energy technologists and manufacturers). We offer an affordable, highly qualified and capable, long term advisory solution for private companies. Many clients stay with us for a number of years.


Our majority business owner, Paula Waggoner-Aguilar, is an award-winning Chief Financial Officer, Certified Public Accountant ("CPA"), and former Global Fortune 500 energy finance and accounting executive. Paula founded The Energy CFO in 2013 after moving from Houston to San Antonio to work in the Eagle Ford. She continues to serve as the Managing CFO for clients.   

Our CFO team has a combined 100+ years of work experience in energy and finance accounting. In addition, we have  worked across the energy value chain (oil and gas, power and utilities, and renewables), equipment manufacturing, energy infrastructure, products, and service sectors. Likewise, over the course of our combined careers, we have worked on and managed international projects located in more than 20 countries.


Our CFO Consultants have worked for Global Fortune 500 companies based in the US Europe and Australia plus startups, small and middle market companies, family businesses, and some of the largest private oil and gas companies in the world. Our consultants have strong business, strategic, industry, operational, financial, and accounting acumen. 

​For more about financial, energy, community impact, and business awards, including Best CFO for Private Energy Companies, see our list of Honors & Awards.

The Energy CFO's Fractional CFO Services

Hiring a Fractional CFO to assist your with managing your company’s finances is a great way to strengthen and grow your business. Thanks to changes in the finance and accounting industries, including the availability and rapid adoption of cloud technologies the last decade, there are now alternatives to hiring a full-time cfo, part-time cfo, or interim cfo.

For companies in the energy sector, the advantage of using The Energy CFO's Fractional CFO Services is we offer CFO Advisors with deep industry knowledge and expertise, on an affordable basis, and we offer energy companies reliable annual service contracts. We also assist with special CFO and Business Consulting projects based on availability.


Most of our services can be completed remotely. Which means, 90 to 95% of our work is virtual. We do offer hybrid CFO services that provide for on-site service / travel to headquarters, meeting and/or field locations as agreed. We generally recommend companies consider this option as developing relationships with the leadership, operational, and accounting team has numerous benefits. 


So what does your company get with Fractional CFO Services? 

  1. Provide you with an experienced Fractional CFO Advisor to help you achieve your short term and long term financial goals.

  2. Recommend ways to improve your corporate governance and strengthen your internal controls.

  3. Advise your company board and provide a CFO to present professional financial reports to your private board.

  4. Help you develop a working capital playbook and implement plans.

  5. Prepare financial reports for management and provide you with financial and business intelligence.

  6. Increase investor and external confidence in your leadership and your team.

  7. Go beyond day to day management reporting and help you drive the numbers.

  8. Explain the raising capital process and help you decide which debt or equity funding options are the best fit for your company.

  9. Prepare you for investor pitches and tough investor Q&A sessions.

  10. Facilitate the development of business and financial strategies and prepare the company for future transactions.

  11. Analyze, plan, budget and forecast ahead using 13 week cash flow templates, financial models, and scenario analysis.

  12. Offer recommendations to manage your cash, accounts receivable, and improve profitability.

  13. Provide pricing, procurement, productivity, and other creative cost cutting recommendations.

  14. Assist in vetting opportunities, analyzing data, and supporting critical decisions.

  15. Make smart and impactful digital technology investments and look for additional opportunities to optimize your workforce.

If you are just getting started in your journey and still learning how a cfo advisor can help your company, you may also be interested in reading our blog post titled How to Use an Outsourced CFO To Strengthen Your Business

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