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Cash Flow Consulting Services

Get Your Capital Working For You

Our CFOs Help You Manage the Financial Health of Your Company and Drive Growth

Cash flow consulting client in the energy industry
  • Understand Your Cash Flow
  • Anticipate Shortfalls
  • Develop An Action Plan
  • Transform Your Business

Build Your Working Capital Playbook

We Help You Build Your Financial and Business Offense

Cash Flow Management

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Cash Flow Forecasting

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Inflation And Demand Make The Stakes High 

Are you short of cash or losing money because your accounts receivable is out of alignment with your payables cycle?

Has your accounting staff lost your trust or lack the knowledge and skills to manage and forecast cash flow? Do they provide you with business insights to aid in decisions?

Are you struggling to finance growth due to high inflation rates?

Cash flow problems are an early warning signal of distress.

Take Action to Protect Your Company.

The Stakes Have Never Been Higher For Energy Companies The Energy CFO Why You Need Us

Why Is A Cash Flow Forecast Important?

Cash Flow forecasts help business owners gain clarity on their cash positions so that you know exactly where your company stands. 

Our Cash Flow Forecasting Service has many benefits:

  • Forecasting cash flow for oil and gas, gas and energy projects, oilfield, and chemical companies can be tricky. We help developers, construction, operators, owners of products and services, manufacturers and energy technologists, etc. 

  • We build you a custom tailored cash flow template in excel. We train your staff how to use this cash flow tool. We help you update it periodically.

  • Our forecasts help you become proactive in identifying cash shortfalls weeks ahead of when they might occur.

  • The work on the report feeds into regular bookkeeping and accounting chores that need to be done anyway.

  • It provides for an accurate budget process so you have a roadmap for the rest of the year.

  • It keeps you from developing feast-or-famine thinking patterns and brings logic into decisions about the timing of business and capital expenditures.

  • It helps you manage hiring on a more even keel.

  • It provides a warning system for when you might default on a loan or payroll payment.

  • It helps to detect accounting errors faster.

  • It’s great for planning and better financial decision-making overall.

  • It can be expanded to run what-if scenarios based on various revenue levels and re-opening dates.

Construction Client Cash Flow Success Stories

Navigating Through Uncertain Business Cycles

The Energy CFO Helping Oil and Gas

Grow operating cash flow and working capital by more than 800% over a 12-month period from December 2019 to November 2020 by improving project profitability, disciplined cash management, changing processes and controls, capturing accounting efficiencies, CFO coaching, adding to their accounting bench, and active receivables management.


Increased working capital line of credit by 60% or $3 million dollars in 2020 by engaging their banker and the bank's financial analyst, providing construction cash flow forecast template in excel, financial and management reports and relevant financial analysis, and fielding related Q&A. 

Family-Owned Midstream Energy Service Company

Gross Revenues +$200 Million 2019

Cash Flow Forecasting Services

It’s The #1 Cash Flow Management Tool For Businesses.

The Energy CFO Cash Forecasting and Cash Management Services

Are you worried you might run out of cash in your business?
Does your cash flow fluctuate up and down a lot, making it hard to know whether you’ll have enough? 
Is your bank balance so low that you’re having to closely manage it on a daily basis, wasting precious time you could be using building or re-building your business?

If so, you’re in the perfect place to benefit from our cash flow forecast service.  Not knowing your company’s future cash balance can cause you to miss financial goals, and in some cases, cause catastrophic problems if shortfalls are not caught early enough.  See why our energy cfo blogger says Why Cash Flow Forecasting is the Top Tool for Decision Making.

The Energy CFO’s Cash Flow Forecasting Services include the following:


  • The cash flow forecast report, which usually covers 13 weeks into the future. 

  • One or more meetings with us to discuss the report as well as dozens of options that you can choose from to improve your cash position.

  • A list of KPIs – key performance indicators – which are measures or metrics you can put into place to monitor the strength of your cash position going forward.

  • Scenario analysis to help you see multiple future outcomes based on your revenue or re-opening assumptions.

  • Other items upon your request, such as revising your annual budget or building a rolling forecast if you don’t have one.   

Learn Cash Flow Tools And Techniques 

Get A CFO Coach For Cash Flow Management And Forecasting

We believe in making financial intelligence accessible to anyone working in a business. That's why we offer CFO Mentoring and Coaching to people from all walks of life with varying degrees of education. Our sessions are one-on-one with our Managing CFO and are always confidential. 

We mentor and coach CFOs, Controllers, financial managers, and accountants with or without finance or accounting educations, certifications, or college educations. Generally, the topics of these sessions are focused on how to do something, how to handle certain situations or issues, what is expected of their roles, ways to communicate topics with others, how to build knowledge and education and how to do so while on the job, and often strengthening specific areas based on feedback from those they report too. 


We also mentor and coach business owners, executives, corporate, operations and field managers with or without financial or accounting backgrounds, degrees, or college education. Topics generally include understanding financial statements, understanding what financial ratios are important and what they mean, sometimes there are more specific topics like how to budget and forecast sales or operations.

Everyone in your organization can benefit from building financial intelligence - not just the CEO, CFO and the Controller. In support of this statement, we offer you a couple of case studies how CFO Mentoring and Coaching can empower those in non-financial positions by helping them understand how these decisions impact the company's bottom line.

  • Sales and Marketing - aligning sales pipeline with forecasts, payment terms, cash conversion cycle, and tying compensation to profit and cash metrics. Taken as a whole, these help improve accuracy in accounting, cash forecasting, and typing results to performance. 

  • EPC - engineers have budgets and forecasts based on scope of work and when work is performed. This does not necessarily align with finance and accounting 13 week cash forecasts and/or financial forecasting. Educating engineers about what finance is trying to do and the level of accuracy needed and why helps them align deliverables, reduce work department duplication, and improve the accuracy of forecasts. 

  • Field Supervisors - field managers often batch their approvals of field tickets, may hold invoices, or delay the reporting of work completed for monthly billing. Generally, there is a good reasons for this but it can result in big cash flow repercussions for the accounting team. The field is busy running operations and do not always realize the impact of these decisions. We help educate operations, we help accounting build their relationships and have communication with operations, and facilite building new processes for these types of situations.

Of course, finance and accounting staff also been greatly from CFO Coaching. For example, one of our most popular coaching topics for CFOs and Controllers is learning the art of preparing, building processing to capture and report data weekly, and maintaining a fairly accurate 13 week cash flow projection. We have several 13 week cash flow templates we have built in excel over the years that we often use to teach and provide as a starting point to help CFOs and Controllers customize to their business.  

Hire The Energy CFO For Cash Flow Consulting

We Care And Want Your Company To Thrive

Owning and running a private company is tough. Your least abundant resource is time and when you are growing - you never have enough cash. These are common growing pains we see clients struggling with: 

  • Owners are overrun with too many responsibilities - working and running the company.

  • Unfamiliarity with what is going on with the financial health and the performance of their companies. 

  • Not getting relevant and impactful information they need to aid in decision making.

  • Encountering growth resistance points and frustrated with an inability to make traction.

  • Feeling something is off or there is a gap, but not exactly sure what "it" is. 

  • Not getting candid feedback, constructive guidance, or practical solutions to tackle problems.

  • Dealing with gaps in organizational design and governance.

We have experience helping clients with these issues and much more. What we do is help you see the big picture and understand how the administrative and operational pieces of your business impact your profitability, cash flow, and/or hold back growth so you can take action. 

What Clients Get Out of Working With Us

Save Money and Time

Outsource your Cash Forecasting, Management, and Intelligence work to us and optimize your time. Our Cash Flow Services are designed to save you time and find ways to save you money. You will get more done so your company can make more money.

Understand Your Cash Flow

We analyze your financial performance and meet with you monthly to provide you with our report, CFO insights, and recommendations. We will explain finance and accounting concepts you have questions about.

Make Informed Bus. Decisions

Get timely and relevant business intelligence, scenario analysis, and financial advice to help you make informed decisions. We help identify and narrow down alternatives 

based on your objectives.

Build Leader

We help maximize the Return on Investment on your money and sweat equity invested in your business. Our services not only help you increase your financial acumen, but also build confidence in your business leadership.

Your Business

We help you strategize, plan for growth, devise action plans, create budgets

and financial projections, forecast sales and cash flow, secure funding, reduce costs, improve profits, measure and monitor bus. performance.

Who We Are

Paula Waggoner-Aguilar CEO and Managing CFO The Energy CFO Fractional CFO Services re.jpg

Paula Waggoner-Aguilar is an experienced CFO, Controller, FP&A, and internal auditor. She has significant cash management and forecasting experience. Paula has coached Business Owners, CFOs, VP Finance, Controllers, and accounting staff. 

Our CFO Firm

  • The Energy CFO is a 9-year old CFO Advisory and Consulting Firm headquartered in San Antonio, Texas.

  • We are a small giant in our field and we specialize in helping private entrepreneurial organizations.

  • We are woman majority-owned and led by an award-winning energy CFO and CPA.


Our CFO Team

  • Combined energy finance work experience of 100+ years.

  • Strong business, strategic, operational, and financial acumen.

  • Worked for Fortune 500 and private companies across the energy value chain and around the globe.

Honors and Awards


  • NAWBO's prestigious "2019 Woman Business Owner of the Year".

  • Business Journal's "Who's Who In Energy" for 3 consecutive years.

  • Business Journal's 2014 "Best CFO for Private Companies".

Don't Wait. Time Is Money. Get Started Today. 

1. Contact us to schedule an initial consultation about cash flow advisory services.

  • Complete our prospective client form or

  • Leave us a voice mail or

  • Email us directly

2. We have a Zoom listening session.


  • Learn more about your company

  • Understand your objectives: business, financial, and personal

  • Assess whether our service is a good fit for your business 

​3. We will provide you with a service proposal and price quote. 


4. Sign our service agreement and we are ready to begin.

How To Speed Up Cash Flow In A Business

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