CFO Services for Oil and Gas

Our CFOs Help You Develop Your Financial Strategy and Drive Growth in the Oilfield

The Energy CFO Serves Oil & Gas Operators Oilfield Services Oilfield Equipment Shale UnCon
  • Save Time And Money
  • Achieve Your Strategic Objectives
  • Transform Your Business
  • Build Leadership Confidence 

CFO Services Tailored to Your Upstream Needs

Fractional CFO | CFO Consulting | Interim CFO

We custom-tailor solutions to fit your unique needs in a very complex industry.  We do this by taking a holistic view when building your processes and teams, as opposed to "cookie-cutter" approaches and solutions competitors offer. We can help you conserve your cash flow and improve your profitability, integrate procurement and manage inventory just in time for field dispatch, budget, forecast, financial planning and analysis, manage stakeholder and banking relationships, and look for creative and clever new ways to rethink and optimize processes and reduce costs.  


To get a better idea of what your scope of service might include, see these two examples below of more common services provided to growth companies and mature companies.

We make it easy for you to plug and play our services into your organization.  We offer flexible service options that are designed to grow with you until such time when you truly need a full-time CFO. Our CFO Advisory and Consulting Service includes a team of experienced upstream financial professional and our services are designed to wrap around your accounting and external reporting providers. Our services are delivered virtually (since 4Q 2017) and we utilize a remote Texas based workforce. Our firm utilizes cloud and automation tech stack along with specialized finance software to perform our analysis, 3-way rolling forecasts, and produce monthly management reports and dashboards. 

Not surprisingly, our custom solutions are often less expensive than other alternatives: executive search recruiters, staffing firms, CPA firms offering CFO services, other CFO advisory firms, independent contractors or CFOs, and management consultants. 

Petroleum | Oilfield | Engineering | Software

The Energy CFO® serves independent oil and gas operators, oilfield products and services, petroleum engineering, oilfield IoT and operational technology, and manufacturers of oilfield equipment.    

The Energy CFO provides Contract CFOs on a temporary project and permanent interim basis t
  • Exploration

  • Developers

    • Commercialization

    • International Projects

    • AIPN Contracts

    • Domestic Projects

    • COPAS Contracts

    • LNG Liquefaction Trains

  • Marketers

    • Negotiations

    • Oil, Gas & NGLs

    • LNG Supply

  • Producers

    • Onshore or Offshore

    • Shale or Conventional

    • Domestic or International

    • Independents

    • Vertically Integrated

    • Integrated Majors

  • Oilfield Service Verticals

    • Geoscience & Seismic

    • Drilling

    • Fracing

    • Mining

    • Fluids & Chemicals

    • Engineering

    • Many Others

  • Oilfield Technology

    • Software-as-a-Service

    • Mobile Field Apps

    • Supply Chain & Field Ticketing Technologies

    • IoT Platforms

    • Operational Technology (OT)

  • Equipment Manufacturing

The Stakes Have Never Been Higher

The Stakes Have Never Been Higher For Energy Companies The Energy CFO Why You Need Us.jpg

Are you losing profits on bids and projects? 
Have you run out of ideas to improve your company's profitability?
Is your banker questioning the long term viability of your company? 
Lack of profits can lead to business failures. 
Take Action Today to Protect Your Company!

Our Shale Playbook

Disciplined Cash and ROI Focus

  • Cash Flow and Cost Discipline

  • Shorten the cash conversion cycle

  • Validate business economics and lookback analysis

  • Improve profitability by focusing on procurement, inventory, dispatch, and productivity

  • Cash flow forecasting, revisit capital budgets, and adopt rolling forecasts

  • Optimize costs by simplifying and automating operations, processes, and integrating systems.

  • Leverage and integrate IOT and IT technology

  • Eliminate fixed costs where outsourcing makes sense

  • Oilfield focus on credit, customer pricing, utilization, sector pivots, and field ticket automation

Energy Services Success Stories In The Oilfield

Navigating Clients Through Challenging Business Cycles

Happy Pipeline Contractor Client

Grew operating cash / working capital by more than 800% over a 12-month period from December 2019 to November 2020 by improving project profitability, disciplined cash management, changing processes and controls, capturing accounting efficiencies, CFO coaching, adding to their accounting bench, and active receivables management.


Increased existing line of credit by 60% or $3 million dollars in 2020 by engaging their banker and the bank's financial analyst, providing management reports and relevant financial analysis, and sharing projections and fielding related Q&A. 

Family-Owned Energy Service Company

Gross Revenues +$200 Million 2019

We Help Develop Your Working Capital Playbook

We Offer Cash Forecasting + Management + Intelligence Advisory And Consulting Services

Cash Management

Digital Technology
A/R and A/P Management
Inventory Management
Treasury Techniques
Cash Funding

Cash Forecasting

13 Week Cash Flow
Cash Planning - Sources/Uses
Rolling Cash Forecasts
Scenario Analysis
3-Way Forecasting & Budgeting

Cash Intelligence

Cash Conversion Cycle Analysis
Monthly Mgmt Reports
Graphs and Dashboards
Liquidity & Working Capital Ratios
Industry Trends

We Offer Strategic Solutions For Your Business

We offer a range of strategic advisory and consulting services tailored to fit your specific needs including:

  • Strategy guidance and strategic planning

  • SWOT assessment

  • Benchmarking competitors

  • Risk management and mitigation

  • Strategic partnering

  • Sales and marketing business plans

  • Asset or portfolio optimization

  • Organizational development

  • CFO Coaching

  • Change leadership

  • Investment Decisions

  • Capital structuring

  • Restructuring and turnarounds

  • Preparing companies for sale

  • Family Succession planning

  • Transaction Advisory Services

    • Mergers and Acquisitions (“M&A”) Support

    • ​Post Acquisition M&A Transition

Hire The Energy CFO For Your Oil & Gas Company

We Want You and Your Business To Thrive

Owning and running a private company is tough. Your least abundant resource is time and when you are growing - you never have enough cash. These are common growing pains we see clients struggling with: 

  • Owners are overrun with too many responsibilities - working and running the company.

  • Unfamiliarity with what is going on with the financial health and the performance of their companies. 

  • Not getting relevant and impactful information they need to aid in decision making.

  • Encountering growth resistance points and frustrated with an inability to make traction.

  • Feeling something is off or there is a gap, but not exactly sure what "it" is. 

  • Not getting candid feedback, constructive guidance, or practical solutions to tackle problems.

  • Dealing with gaps in organizational design and governance.

We have experience helping clients with these issues and much more. What we do is help you see the big picture and understand how the administrative and operational pieces of your business impact your profitability, cash flow, and/or hold back growth so you can take action. 

Who We Are

Paula Waggoner-Aguilar CEO and Managing CFO The Energy CFO Fractional CFO Services re.jpg

Paula Waggoner-Aguilar, CPA

CEO & Managing CFO

Our CFO Firm

  • The Energy CFO is a 9-year old CFO Advisory and Consulting Firm headquartered in San Antonio, Texas.  

  • We are a small giant in our field and we specialize in helping entrepreneurial  organizations.

  • Most of our clients stay with us for a number of years. 

  • We are owned and run by an award-winning CFO/CPA and former Global Fortune 500 executive. 

Our CFO Team

  • Combined energy finance work experience of 100+ years.

  • Strong business, strategic, operational, and financial acumen.

  • Worked for Fortune 500 and private companies across the energy value chain and around the globe.

Energy, CFO, and Business Awards

  • NAWBO's prestigious "2019 Woman Business Owner of the Year".

  • Business Journal's "Who's Who In Energy" for 3 consecutive years.

  • Business Journal's 2014 "Best CFO for Private Companies".

Our Return On Investment To Our Clients

CFO & Financial Management Advisory Services
Save Time and
Save Money

Outsource your CFO work to us and optimize your time. Our CFO Services are designed to save you time and find ways to save you money. You will still be in control, but you will get more done so your company can make more money

Consulting Services
Understand Your Finances

We analyze your financial health, performance, and operation information and meet with you monthly to provide you with our analysis, insights, guidance, and recommendations. We will explain finance and accounting concepts you have questions about.

Make Informed
Bus. Decisions 

Get timely and relevant business intelligence, scenario analysis, and financial advice to help you make informed decisions. We help identify and narrow down alternatives 

based on your objectives.

Build Leader Confidence

We help maximize the Return on Investment on your money and sweat equity invested in your business. Our services not only help you increase your financial acumen, but also build confidence in your business leadership.

CFO & Financial Management Advisory Services
Transform Your Business

We help you strategize,

plan for growth, devise  action plans, budget, forecast cash, create financial projections,  secure debt/equity funding, pricing, costing,  reduce costs, improve margins, & monitor performance.

Get Started Today - Its Easy! 

1. Contact us to schedule an initial consultation.

  • Complete our prospective client form or

  • Leave us a voice mail or

  • Email us directly

2. We have a Zoom listening session.


  • Learn more about your company

  • Understand your objectives: business, financial, and personal

  • Assess whether our service is a good fit for your business 

​3. We will provide you with a service proposal and price quote. 


4. Sign our service agreement and we are ready to begin.