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  • Save Time And Money

  • Develop Your Strategy

  • Transform Your Business

  • Build Leadership Confidence

Strategic Planning and Critical Thinking

The Energy CFO Strategic Advisory Services

Most of us would agree that strategy is one of the keys to success. Without a strategy, we don't have a plan and we're just guessing. We end up with a lot of wasted time, money, resources, and confused employees. 

But what is a strategy?

Strategy is a plan of action based on a competitive analysis. It reflects a company's understanding of its own strengths and weaknesses as well as those of the competition, and it reflects the company's vision and aspirations for the future. 

In the world of business, you can't afford to stand still or wing it. You have to adapt or be left behind.


How do you stay competitive? Strategic Advisory Services can help you evolve by providing a fresh perspective on your business. Our Strategic Advisors have the experience and expertise to help your create an effective strategy that will keep your competitive.

The Stakes Have Never Been Higher

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Are your competitors outperforming you?
Is your profit margin shrinking?
Is your customer concentration too high?

These problems are early warning signs of distress. 

Take Action to Protect Your Company.

Strategic Solutions To Transform Your Business

We offer a range of strategic advisory and consulting services tailored to fit your specific needs including:

  • Strategy guidance and strategic planning

  • SWOT assessment

  • Benchmarking competitors

  • Risk management and mitigation

  • Strategic partnering

  • Sales and marketing business plans

  • Asset or portfolio optimization

  • Organizational development

  • CFO Coaching

  • Change leadership

  • Investment Decisions

  • Capital structuring

  • Restructuring and turnarounds

  • Preparing companies for sale

  • Family Succession planning

  • Transaction Advisory Services

    • Mergers and Acquisitions (“M&A”) Support

    • ​Post Acquisition M&A Transition

Client Success Stories

Extraordinary Results in Challenging Business Cycles

The Energy CFO Strategic Advisory Services Oil Gas Petroleum Chemical Pipeline Shipping En

Increased Cash Reserves +800% Over 12 Month Period (Dec 2019 vs. Nov 2020)

"Thank you for helping make us a better company...The Energy CFO has just done a GREAT job." 

Secured +60% Line of Credit Increase in 2020. 

"The Energy CFO gets more done in a week than we can get done in a couple of months." 


Family-Owned Pipeline Construction Company

Annual Revenue > $200MM

Providing CFO Advisory and Consulting Services Since 2013

We Care and Want Your Business To Thrive

We have been working with organizations for over 8 years to help them transform their businesses. Our Strategic Advisors have been doing this even longer - more than 25+ years in the industry.

We have seen a lot of companies change during this time. They start out with a clear vision and a sharp sense of what they are going to do. They make a few key decisions, establish a few guiding principles, and then they start executing.


And then the complexities of building a business set in. Growth slows. Innovation is replaced by inertia. 

That's when the transformation process needs to be revisited. 

Generally, what's needed is a new set of guiding principles, new strategies, and a shift in culture.

That's what we do. We help you (and your team) transform your organization by providing strategic advisory. We help you see the big picture and the opportunities to grow your products and build a more sustainable business. 

Our Strategic Value To Our Clients

Get Your Time Back
We Help Save You Money
Save Time and
Save Money
Understand Your Company Economics
Understand Your Finances
Make More Informed Decisions
Make Informed
Bus. Decisions 

Get timely and relevant business intelligence, scenario analysis, and financial advice to help you make informed decisions. We help identify and narrow down alternatives 

based on your objectives.

Build Investor Confidence In Your Leadership Team
Build Leader Confidence

We help maximize the Return on Investment on your money and sweat equity invested in your business. Our services not only help you increase your financial acumen, but also build confidence in your business leadership.

We Help You Transform Your Business
Transform Your Business

We help you strategize,

plan for growth, devise  action plans, budget, forecast cash, create financial projections,  secure debt/equity funding, pricing, costing,  reduce costs, improve margins, & monitor performance.

Outsource your strategic work to us and optimize your time. Our Strategic Advisory Services are designed to save you time and money. You will still be in control, but you will get more done so your company can make more money

We analyze your financial health, performance, and operation information and meet with you monthly to provide you with our analysis, insights, guidance, and recommendations. We will explain finance and accounting concepts you have questions about.

Who We Are

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Paula Waggoner-Aguilar, MST CPA
Strategic Advisor

Our CFO Firm

  • The Energy CFO is a CFO Advisory and Business Consulting Firm headquartered in Texas.

  • For more than 9 years, client/companies rely on us to provide the insights and advice they need to stay competitive in the industry.

  • We specialize in helping private entrepreneurial organizations.

  • We utilized strategy to diversify our business a couple of years ago. Read about The Healthcare CFO and the NAWBO 2019 business award our owner received for being so innovative.

Our CFO Team

  • Combined energy and finance work experience of 100+ years.

  • Strong business, strategic, operational, and financial acumen.

  • Worked as for Global Fortune 500 and private companies across the energy value chain and around the globe.

Business, Energy, and CFO Awards

  • NAWBO's prestigious "2019 Woman Business Owner of the Year".

  • Business Journal's "Who's Who In Energy" for 3 consecutive years.

  • Business Journal's 2014 "Best CFO for Private Companies".

How to Get Started Today - 4 Easy Steps! 

1. Contact us to schedule an initial consultation.

  • Complete our prospective client form or

  • Leave us a voice mail or

  • Email us directly

2. We have a Zoom listening session.


  • Learn more about your company

  • Understand your objectives: business, financial, and personal

  • Assess whether our service is a good fit for your business 

​3. We will provide you with a service proposal and price quote. 


4. Sign our service agreement and we are ready to begin.

Client Reviews

We have ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ CFO Reviews on Google in Houston & San Antonio, TX 

The Energy CFO Interim CFO Services for Pipeline Construction Companies, Service Contracto

Interim CFO Services

"Not sure how I got through 60 years of life without you!" 

"Thank you for helping make us a better company...The Energy CFO has just done a GREAT job." 

Owners of Family-Owned Midstream Service Company with more than two hundred million in annual revenues during 2019. 

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Fractional CFO Services

"The Energy CFO's solutions saved our energy development project a fortune and helped us scale quickly."  

International Energy Developer and Investment Banker

"I LOVE what The Energy CFO does, how they do it, and their amazing resources". 

Chairman World's Largest Methanol Development Project​


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Startup CFO Services


“Now we are walking into private equity pitches with a lot more confidence.  Our financial projections have been vetted, we know how much money we need to raise, and we have an experienced finance executive that can answer tough questions.  The Energy CFO helped us organize and decide what information we needed in our executive summary for these meetings." 


Co-founder of a Permian Delaware Basin Oil & Gas Exploration and Production company.