Midstream Energy Services

Pipelines | Storage | Export Terminals |Transportation

The midstream energy services industry covers a broad spectrum of businesses in the oil and gas value chain.  While each of these sectors is different in how they serve the energy industry, one commonality is that they are important to the infrastructure needs of the industry at large.

The Energy CFO® serves operators, equipment manufacturers, and service providers including:

  • Development of New Midstream Energy Infrastructure

  • Gathering and Processing

  • Pipelines

  • Storage Tank Farms & Underground

  • Crude Oil & Gas Export Terminals 

  • Rail, Truck, and Barge Transport

  • Oil, LNG, Natural Gas Tankers

  • Methanol Production

  • Chartering Shipping Fleets ​

  • Wholesale Marketing

  • Fabrication Pipeline Services

  • Engineering Services

  • Pipeline Equipment

  • Marine & Bunkering Services

  • Green Shipping & Fuels

  • Construction Services

  • Removing Pipelines

  • Domestic and International Midstream Infrastructure Projects

  • Integrated Midstream Projects


We are encouraging our midstream clients, as well as other businesses across the energy value chain, to take a look at the Care Act.  There are a lot of energy companies and related verticals that have dropped down below the 500 headcount threshold and may benefit from exploring the Paycheck Protection Program to maintain current headcounts and the Mid Market Loans.


The Energy CFO provides remote, tech-enabled, outsourced CFO advisory and consulting services to help midstream companies in the good times as well as the more challenging ones.  We offer customized CFO services that are designed to wrap our clients’ accounting providers.  We believe that one of the secrets to surviving on thin midstream margins has been great blocking and tackling and flawless execution of the fundamentals. 

To learn more about our remote, cloud-based CFO advisory and consulting services contact us at cfoinfo@theenergycfo.com or call us at 832-521-8190 in Houston Metro or 210-802-8640 in San Antonio.

Many midstream businesses, whether they are in pipelines, transportation, storage, or terminalling, experienced significant growth in the last decade, despite the 2014 downturn. But these midstream companies, like the rest of the oil and gas world, are facing unprecedented challenges right now in light of the pandemic.


Maintaining cash flow and profitability are key to the survival of midstream companies right now.

Aside from the Saudi and Russia situation, the biggest difference between the most recent downturn (2014-2015) and now is the reduction in the demand for energy as a result of this virus.  It doesn't just impact the upstream oil and gas operators, oilfield services, and energy tech companies.  It is impacting the entire energy chain...developers of energy projects (like LNG and Methanol), pipes/storage and midstream services, energy infrastructure and related engineering and construction services, refiners, and even renewables (low energy prices doesn't help support renewable economics). 

“In terms of looking ahead, I fully expect as the US comes back from the virus situation, we are going to see many companies rethinking how to mitigate inherent risks in their supply chain and also reshoring their manufacturing back home.  Reshoring will help strengthen the economy and the energy industry - we have so many natural energy resources and existing infrastructure in this country.  And a fully committed new generation leading our energy ranks who will be participating in how we redesign the energy mix to ensure we also achieve our country's carbon reduction initiatives. “

-Paula Waggoner-Aguilar, CEO & Managing Client CFO


The Energy CFO is a CFO Advisory and Business Consulting Firm helping private oil and gas, energy infrastructure, oilfield, energy services, renewables, manufacturing, and technology companies accelerate their growth and take them to the next level.  Many of our clients are family-owned business enterprises with multiple generations working in operations.  The Energy CFO offers a range of financial and operational leadership services including Startup CFO, Interim CFO, Part-Time CFO, Fractional CFO, Virtual CFO, financial modeling, energy modeling, financial planning and analysis (FP&A) packages.  We serve clients across the US, Texas, and Lousiana:  Houston, the Gulf Coast, Austin, San Antonio, Midland, Dallas, and Corpus Christi.


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