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We help owners and executives grow their companies and move their business to the next level. Our suite of CFO Services are custom-tailored to the needs of modern business owners. Every one of our clients has a unique business (even within the industry sectors they operate), and no two are alike. 
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Our Customized Service Approach

We custom-tailor solutions to fit our client's unique needs in a very complex industry. Our clients are generally referred to us by other clients, energy or finance professionals who have worked with us, former employers or they find us because they want and require a customized industry-specific Outsourced CFO Solution. We are a small giant in our field and we specialize in helping private entrepreneurial organizations.


Our process begins with custom designing CFO Services to help accelerate our client's growth while also taking into account their needs, key milestones, realistic execution deliverables, and budget.  We do this by taking a holistic view when building processes and teams, as opposed to an a-la-carte menu of services.  This is the way we ran businesses for Fortune 500 companies, billionaire wildcatters, private equity portfolio companies, SMBs of large foreign companies, energy infrastructure developers, and family businesses.  We have just tailored our approach to the specific needs of private middle-market companies.

We make it easy for our clients to plug and play our services into their organizations.  We offer flexible service options that are designed to grow with you until such time when you truly need a full-time CFO. Our CFO Advisory and Consulting Service includes a team of very experienced energy finance professionals and our services are designed to wrap around the client's accounting. Our services are delivered virtually (since 4Q 2018) and we utilize a remote workforce. Our firm utilizes cloud and automation technology along with specialized finance software to provide monthly management reporting, fin/ops dashboards, budgets, 3-way forecasting, benchmarking, and scenario analysis.  We do use Excel for the most complex financial modeling (gas and chemical projects, project financing, etc). 


Not surprisingly, our custom solutions are often less expensive than other alternatives: executive search recruiters, staffing firms, CPA firms offering CFO or client accounting services (CAS), other CFO advisory firms, independent contractors or CFOs, and management consultants

How You Will Benefit from Hiring  Us

  1. We provide you with an experienced CFO.

  2. Help you achieve your goals.

  3. Improve your corporate governance.

  4. Build your financial intelligence.

  5. Increase investor and external confidence in your leadership.

  6. Go beyond reporting and help you drive the numbers.

  7. Explain and select debt and equity funding options.

  8. Prepare you for investor pitches, Q&A.

  9. Plan for succession and prepare the company for transactions.

  10. Strategize, analyze, and plan ahead using financial models and scenario analysis.

  11. Expand your industry and service networks.

  12. Offer solutions to maximize your profit and your cash flow.

  13. Provide pricing, procurement, and productivity recommendations/guidance.

  14. Offer creative cost-cutting opportunities.

  15. Assist you in analyzing and vetting critical decisions.

  16. Recommend opportunities to optimize your workforce.

  17. Make smart and impactful digital technology investments.


The Energy CFO is a CFO Advisory and Business Consulting Firm helping private oil and gas, energy infrastructure, oilfield, energy services, renewables, manufacturing, and technology companies accelerate their growth and take them to the next level.  Many of our clients are family-owned business enterprises with multiple generations working in operations.  The Energy CFO offers a range of financial and operational leadership services including Startup CFO, Interim CFO, Part-Time CFO, Fractional CFO, Virtual CFO, financial modeling, energy modeling, financial planning and analysis (FP&A) packages.  We serve clients across the US, Texas, and Lousiana:  Houston, the Gulf Coast, Austin, San Antonio, Midland, Dallas, and Corpus Christi.


For our firm's Medical, Healthcare and Life Sciences CFO Services, go to www.thehealthcarecfo.com website. 



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