Renewables, Cleantech, and Natural Gas

Powering the Energy Transition

The Energy CFO serves companies that invest in new energy economy and cleantech.  The combination of us alternative energy options like wind and solar, cleaner natural gas technologies, smart grid and micro-grid utility technologies, and utility-scale battery storage.  Keep reading to find out more about this new and growing Outsourced CFO Service practice area.

Examples how The Energy CFO can help you build a cleaner and more sustainable energy business:

CFO Leadership Solutions

  • Startup Part-Time CFO Services

  • Virtual CFO Services

  • Private Equity Experienced CFOs

Strategic Advisory Services

  • Strategic Planning 

  • Business Models and Plans

  • Financial Modeling

  • Proforma Financial Statements

  • Financial Content for Investor Presentations

Cash Flow, Credit, and Capital Funding

  • Cash Forecasting 

  • Working Capital Management

  • Vendor Credit Management & Policies

  • Bank and/or Vendor Financing

  • Other Funding Sources​

Operational Finance

  • Targeting Customers

  • Setting Prices

  • Project and/or Job Cost Accounting

  • Procurement

  • Inventory Management and Costing

  • Outsourced Resource Staffing Plans

    • Administrative Services

    • Accounting and Bookkeeping Support​

    • Selecting Preferred Employer Organizations (PEOs)

  • Risk Management

  • Analyzing Financial Impact of Commercial Terms embedded in Agreements and

  • Review Contract Negotiations Term Sheets​ for financial and accounting implications


Blue Energy Fuel

Natural Gas | LNG | Methanol | CNG

Cleaner and Efficient Fossil Fuel Power Alternatives


Natural Gas Fuel / Technologies

Blue Fuel Natural Gas LNG CNG Methanol

Green Energy Fuel

Wind | Solar | Geothermal |Biomass | Hydro

  • Greenfield Development

  • Large-scale Grid-Connected Renewable Energy Projects

  • Renewable Engineering

  • Construction of Renewable Energy Infrastructure

  • Renewable Equipment

    • Manufacture

    • Design

    • Installation

    • Testing

    • Turbine Services

  • Sustainable Electric Power Generation

    • Wind & Solar Farms 

    • Geothermal Energy

    • Hydroelectrical Dams

    • Biomass ​