Private Equity

Private equity startups are often organized around proven management teams, property rights, infrastructure, patents, technology, etc.  The Energy CFO® provides experienced CFOs through flexible arrangements to hold teams accountable, stretch private equity dollars in the early stages, collaborate with other service providers, assist with procurement/pricing/sales strategy, work with boards, and scale the business rapidly once predetermined milestones are achieved.  As these ventures mature, The Energy CFO® can assist with operational and commercial issues, optimization, other fundamentals, and ultimately help recruit a permanent CFO for those on IPO tracks.  

Family Office Private Equity Investments 

High net worth individuals, their family office and direct investment often have more unique needs.  With historically low yields, there is no place to put your money and it appears like it will be that way for a while.  Many family businesses are following the private equity model and organizing family offices to professionally manage their interests. 

More and more families are considering making direct investments in private businesses either solo or working in conjunction with similar likeminded alliances of family offices.  They need an Energy CFO with analytical firepower and industry-specific operational experience to help them grow these businesses, achieve margin and cash flow targets, institutionalize theses organization, and generate cash flows and/or prepare to harvest their investments via future M&A transactions. 

The Energy CFO provides CFO leadership, complex financial modeling, and financial planning and analysis services to help you run your direct investments and harvest your returns.