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The Energy CFO provides CFO Services to energy companies in Houston, Texas. Our outsourced cfo services include Virtual CFO Services, which can be Fractional or Part Time CFO Services on temporary or interim basis (these can range from 6 months to 3+ years for private companies). We also offer advisory and consulting services including financial planning and analysis, cash management and forecasting, profit consulting, strategic consulting, and board advisory. Our most popular service is a monthly financial and operations report service (the MOFR) that our energy CFO reviews with your leadership team for about 1 to 1.5 hours a month.

We work for oil and gas companies, petroleum and pipeline services, renewable energy companies (only B2B, no B2C), energy services, engineering, maintenance, construction, manufacturing, and Gulf Coast greenfield energy and chemical projects.

The Energy CFO specializes in energy finance, strategy, financial planning and analysis. Our CFO team built their corporate careers working for some of the best companies in Houston and have broad backgrounds including global management and operations. Our combined energy finance and accounting experience exceeds +100 years.

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CFO Services for Houston Family Offices

Many successful family businesses are following the private equity model and organizing family offices to make direct investments and professionally manage their interests. While some family offices prefer to make solo investments, others prefer to farm out the risks through informal alliances of family offices or family office associations or forums.  Whichever approach your prefer when making direct investments, chances are your team will need interim fractional or part time support from an experienced Energy CFO team. Preferably a team with analytical firepower and industry-specific operational experience to help you scale and grow these businesses, live within their cash flow, achieve target profit margins and return cash to investors, institutionalize these organization, and get a jump start on preparing to harvest.  

The Energy CFO offers variety of CFO services to support your family office's M&A transaction and post acquisition transition. We can help you with buying energy assets, companies, scaling emerging technologies, or exploring "energy transition" themed options. Our consulting services of interest include strategy consulting, due diligence team support, financial planning and analysis, complex financial modeling, post acquisition transition, Fractional CFO Services, and our popular MOFR review services. 

If you are just getting started, you might want to read our CFO Blog about strategic partnerships and joint venturing. In addition to energy, we have had a lot of success working for family-owned business. The Energy CFO is a family owned business that helps other family businesses grow and move their company forward by offering CFO bench strength when you need it. You may also be interested in our bios as both Paula Waggoner-Aguilar and Roland Aguilar have worked for companies owned by high net worth families. In addition, we encourage you to take a peek at our testimonials to see what people say about our work.

Get Started Now - 4 Steps to Hire CFO Help! 

1. Contact us to schedule an initial consultation.

2. We will schedule a Zoom listening session to:

  • Learn more about you and your company

  • Understand your objectives: business, financial, and personal

  • Assess whether our service is a good fit for you and your business 

3. We will provide you with a service proposal and price quote. 


4. Sign our service agreement and we are ready to begin.

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CFO Services Tailored to Your Needs

Interim CFO | Virtual CFO | Fractional CFO| Part Time CFO

We custom-tailor solutions to fit your unique needs in a very complex industry.  We do this by taking a holistic view when building your processes and teams, as opposed to standard cookie cutter package of services.  

Just plug and play our services into your organization.  We offer flexible service options that are designed to grow with you until such time when you truly need a full-time CFO. Our CFO Advisory and Consulting Service includes a team of very experienced energy finance professionals and our services are designed to wrap around your accounting services provider (that saves you money!). We have been delivering fractional cfo services virtually since 4Q 2017 (yes, a very long time now) and we utilize a remote Texas based workforce. Our company specialized finance software to perform our work and produce management reports and dashboards (we are efficient and use our own tools and this saves you money). 


Not surprisingly, our custom solutions are often less expensive than other Houston alternatives: executive searches, oil and gas recruiters, CFO groups or CFO companies, business management consultants, accounting firms, employment agencies, oil and gas consultants, and independent financial consultants or CFOs.