The Energy CFO® caters to entrepreneurs of private oil and gas, oilfield, energy and renewables, emerging technology, manufacturing and life science companies of all sizes. The geographic markets we serve include San Antonio, Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth, Midland, Odessa, Corpus Christi, Eagle Ford, and along the Texas Louisiana Gulf Coast.


The Energy CFO®'s mission is to help encourage, grow, and steward the next generation of innovators. Our firm specializes in entrepreneurial finance.  There are not many firms like us, that have built a practice around helping private companies transition from early stage to mature stage business on a boot strap budget and/or that are not private equity backed. While it may seem uncommon or even contrary, we have served quite a few business owners who want to keep their companies private and their business information confidential. We get it and keep our client information confidential.


The Energy CFO® can help entrepreneurs with finance fundamentals, strategic and financial planning, risk management, and implementation of the improvements assumed in transaction purchase prices. We can also analyze your sales and supply chain drivers, assist with customer and vendor negotiations, and provide strategic insight to your business advisory or corporate boards. As operations expand and more cash is needed to grow, we know how to optimize operations, processes, and systems. In addition, The Energy CFO® can help improve relationships with your banker and evaluate financing alternatives.


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