Rising to the Challenge

Change & Crisis Leadership

The mandate for change may come from the need to focus on fundamentals and/or grow out of strategic initiatives, post-integration activities, restructuring, relocation, etc.  Whereas, change management focuses on processes and tools for controlling changes, change leadership involves creating a powerful and compelling vision for change.  For The Energy CFO®, leading change starts with a meeting and communicating with employees across the organization in both one-on-one and group discussions, listening to their feedback, brainstorming, facilitating conversations with other employees and managers, and encouraging their participation and ultimately ownership in the change process.  


Change leadership and crisis leadership often go hand-in-hand.  For example:  


  • Early warning or busted debt covenants

  • Loss of key finance and accounting personnel - temporary or permanent

  • Extreme growth coupled with cash shortages


The Energy CFO® can jump in, roll up their sleeves, lead change, steer the ship, diagnose problems, propose solutions, help you find resources, hire and train your employees.  The scope, magnitude, duration of the project, and sense of urgency will drive the overall structure of the engagement.